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We purchase industrial hemp grown legally in Europe 

If you are interested in co-operating with us, we can buy your hemp after it has been separated from the seeds.  Generally we can buy in all quantities, from 100kg right up to an unlimited amount.  Before purchasing your hemp, we need to know if you used any pesticides or fertilisers.  To maintain the highest quality of our products, we don't buy hemp with any chemical content.  So prior to purchasing any hemp, we always subject a sample to laboratory testing.  If you produce hemp which is of a high quality, we could be a long term business partner for you.

1 We make our products from start to finish, so by choosing us you cut out the middleman. That's why our wholesale and retail prices are super low.
2 We prepare our CBD oils only from organically grown hemp, and mix it with bio-certified best quality Greek olive oil.
3 Our products are of the highest quality, because we are in control of all the manufacturing processes.
4 The purity of our products is guaranteed due to our expert use of co2 supercritical extraction.
5 All our products are laboratory tested by a qualified laboratory.